Why Robinhood is key to the future of SPACs

In 2020, I predict a continued decline in venture dollar volume as companies with a strong Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) business models look to SPAC.


What is a SPAC?


D2C, LTV and SPACs

Robinhood will now be the lubricant intermediating capital between public and private markets, underpinning the rise of SPACs.

SPAC-watch 👀

  1. Hims: In a post-COVID world, I predict doctor visits will be more frequent and index towards shorter, virtual appointments. Hims stands to gain as a trusted source for men’s and soon to be women’s health.
  2. Draftkings ($DKNG): States have suffered lost taxes revenues in this economic slow-down. States can add a tax revenue stream to offset those losses by taxing this vice. Also, Michael Jordan is on board.
  3. Virgin Galactic ($SPCE): The space race has increasingly become a billionaire sword fight and there’s a galaxy of opportunities in space. Plus, the applications of the foundational technology Virgin Galactic is developing are not limited to space-tourism.
  4. Opendoor ($IPOB): We’ve quickly moved from work-from-home to work-from-anywhere. Instead of going through the traditional real estate charades, sellers can receive an appraisal and purchase offer from the comfort of their living rooms. Game-changer in a post-COVID world.
  5. ($IPOC): The target company of this SPAC has not been identified, but you may recognize its manager: Chamath Palitipya, an early Facebook employee, founder of Social Capital and father of the recent SPAC movement. Under his watch, Virgin Galactic and Opendoor have gone down the SPAC route.

What SPACs are you watching?




Tesla enthusiast, Tech adopter, Crypto Collector & Guava Farmer

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Ricky Chhabra

Ricky Chhabra

Tesla enthusiast, Tech adopter, Crypto Collector & Guava Farmer

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